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“Which Way LA” ft. DWLA’s Patricia Castellanos

WHICH WAY LA – We’re talking trash.  Not like the guys on the basketball court. We’re talking real trash, the many tons produced every day in Los Angeles, and where it’s all going to end up when the massive Puente Hills Landfill shuts down on Halloween. Also, consider that no trash at all would be the sign of an economy stopped dead in its tracks. Is there a way, not just to recycle trash and sell it to China, but to turn it into a commodity here at home? And, speaking of waste, what about junk mail?

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We're Talking Trash

Puente Hills Landfill in Los Angeles County. Photo: Saul Gonzalez

The Puente Hills Landfill, one of the nation’s largest, is about to fill up and shut down. Where will all the garbage go then? Why do we waste so much? Can we stop? What about recycling, which was a big political issue at one time in Los Angeles? The late Mayor Sam Yorty promised voters they would not have to sort one kind of trash from another. Now, of course, the cans are green and black and blue as we all dutifully participate in recycling all over California.


LA County recycling processing center at the Puente Hills Landfill



Warren Olney, Which Way LA, KCRW

MON SEP 23, 2013