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Next City: “How California Cities Can Get Better at Trash”

July 15, 2015, Written by Jenn Stanley

With a statewide goal to reduce landfilling by 75 percent, Southern California is on a waste management journey that could end up being a model for municipalities across the country. To help shepherd the region to those ambitious goals, the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) released what it’s calling a “blueprint” this week detailing how the region can improve its waste and recycling systems.

The report calls for California to adopt an “exclusive” franchise system for managing waste. Trash companies would compete to win city contracts in a given zone and then have exclusive rights to that zone. The approach gives cities tighter control over how their waste is managed, and they have more flexibility in meeting residents’ specific needs. According to LAANE, open permit systems and non-exclusive franchise systems lack accountability mechanisms and end up being more costly for residents.

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